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❧ First Dream

[Flickering in and out with static marring the picture, the feed begins rather abruptly blinking from black to the drab hues of various grays and browns. Standing before what appears to be a murky mote, the camera shifts randomly in direction once it’s owner began to stir. Allowing for the ominous clouds above to be seen upon the video, the camera lowers away from the sky and towards the ruins of what seems to be a temple within the dreary background. The visuals stay like this for a while with only the sound of raindrops pelting against the stone walkway.

Silence seems to be the only company here for this footage along with the sense of dread and foreboding lingering within the air. However, once a quiet voice filters into the audio this nightmarish world of loneliness and despair begins to ebb away into nothingness.

A mirage or is it a distant memory…? I cannot tell but this ‘memory’ should be buried beneath stone.

[Now that he’s clearly awake, Seymour finds himself questioning his own sanity now once realizes he’s no longer within the confines of Macalania Temple. Instead of standing upon the steps leading into the Chamber of the Fayth, he finds himself within and oddly dream-like world with some sort of machina nestled within his hand.]


[ooc: still adjusting to the game, i hope i got this right.]

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You think?

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I suppose this sarcasm rather than actual question.

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Perceptive enough to know you are not a follower of Yevon. Tell me, are you normally this rude?

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I'm not a follower of anything but my own ideals. And I don't think of it as 'rude'. More like, giving the idiots the treatment they deserve.

If that's called 'rude', then yeah, I'm rude.

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Ah. So you are one of the few who believe they are completely devoted to their own ideals. Such a rare malady this is, perhaps you are different than the idiots you snub your nose at or perhaps you just the same as them.

Either way, I care not to waste my time speaking to someone as boorish as you.

Spare me your unnecessary words and merely tell me what I need to know. Where am I?

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[A huff.]

You're the one who's using more words than you need to say something relatively simple. Don't bore me.

But whatever. 'Somarium'. Ever heard of it?

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[Even if this girl had the manners of a six-year old, Rita did manage to grab his interest vaguely.] Somarium?

No, I cannot say that I have.

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Thank you, for not beating around the bush. [/sarcasm. The girl never lets if she can help it.]

And I'm not surprised. None of us have ever heard of it before arrival. But it's where you are right now, and it's where you'll be for the next little while.

Hopefully, you're as thrilled as the rest of us, because the rest of your little vacation isn't gonna be pleasant.

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[If what she says is true, then this brief intermission is utterly unwanted since Seymour had better things to do than wallow about within some fantasy world. However, what bothered him the most was being sent here against his will rather than the world itself.]

Is there anyone here in Somarium who acts as the 'leader' of this realm? Perhaps a mock representative of the wayward many who linger here? If so, I desire to speak with them immediately.

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[... she's been asked that question a lot lately. A huff.]

... are you outside?

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Currently. I take it that you wish to meet in person.

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Not in particular. But I'm just going to ask that you look up, for now.

[Directing his attention to the floating castle.]

That's where the Overlord lives.

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[A floating castle in the middle of the sky, how whimsical.] Is that so? I'll be paying this Overlord a visit soon enough.

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I'm coming along when you do. I've got some questions for her myself.

But to tell you the truth? You're not going to get very far.

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No, not a memory.

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Nope! Dreams!

Crazy, right?

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Is that so? Then I take it that you are an illusion of some kind, something created from the imagination of another.

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I'm definitely not an illusion, though~ Perhaps you've underestimated the power of dreams, monsieur?

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Perhaps but I highly doubt that mere dreams can be the only cause for this phenomenon.

Your name, please.

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Oh hi! There's a lot of new people here! I'm Raenef, have fun...okay?

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'Fun' you say? I doubt that will be possible.

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Well of course you won't with that kind of attitude.

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Are you truly fond of this bizarre scenario?