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Maester Seymour Guado ([personal profile] sinsrequiem) wrote2010-03-10 03:35 pm

❧ First Dream

[Flickering in and out with static marring the picture, the feed begins rather abruptly blinking from black to the drab hues of various grays and browns. Standing before what appears to be a murky mote, the camera shifts randomly in direction once it’s owner began to stir. Allowing for the ominous clouds above to be seen upon the video, the camera lowers away from the sky and towards the ruins of what seems to be a temple within the dreary background. The visuals stay like this for a while with only the sound of raindrops pelting against the stone walkway.

Silence seems to be the only company here for this footage along with the sense of dread and foreboding lingering within the air. However, once a quiet voice filters into the audio this nightmarish world of loneliness and despair begins to ebb away into nothingness.

A mirage or is it a distant memory…? I cannot tell but this ‘memory’ should be buried beneath stone.

[Now that he’s clearly awake, Seymour finds himself questioning his own sanity now once realizes he’s no longer within the confines of Macalania Temple. Instead of standing upon the steps leading into the Chamber of the Fayth, he finds himself within and oddly dream-like world with some sort of machina nestled within his hand.]


[ooc: still adjusting to the game, i hope i got this right.]

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Nope! Dreams!

Crazy, right?

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Is that so? Then I take it that you are an illusion of some kind, something created from the imagination of another.

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I'm definitely not an illusion, though~ Perhaps you've underestimated the power of dreams, monsieur?

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Perhaps but I highly doubt that mere dreams can be the only cause for this phenomenon.

Your name, please.