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Player: Janice
Contact: [ profile] palamecian
Age: 18+
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Seymour Guado
Age: 28
Canon: Final Fantasy X
Canon Point: Chapter 13: Within Sin (Post-Seymour Onimus Battle)

Background: link

Personality: Depicted as both cruel and manipulative, Seymour is a man plagued by the haunting memories of his lonely upbringing. He possesses a truly nihilistic view of life and believes that death is the only release from sorrow. While he certainly comes across as charming and affable to others, all this is merely a front on his part. Seymour hides his morbid intentions behind a charismatic smile throughout most of the story.

He's an arrogant and cruel man who doesn't hesitate to kill. He rationalizes his cruelty by claiming it's for the greater good. Seymour doesn't hesitate killing those who impede upon his objectives and even shows glee in doing so. However, it should be noted that Seymour does have spurts of genuine kindness on occasion despite his obvious cruelty. This suggests that Seymour still has some 'good' left in him despite his acute savior complex.

When his mother was diagnosed with an incurable disease, Anima sacrificed herself to the fayth to become his Aeon in order for him to become a Summoner. She believed that if her son became a Summoner, that he would be accepted by his peers despite his half-guado and half-man lineage. As one would expect, the entire ordeal left Seymour permanently scarred for life and begun his whole descent into madness.

The discrimination he endured in his youth to deformed his sense morals. He's a lost soul who clings to despair. Seymour suffers in silence and goes through the painstaking task of trying to ease the suffering of the world. He's utterly delusional and suffers from grandiose ideas of saving Spira through his sacrifice. While he may earnestly want to save Spira from sorrow, Seymour ironically seems gleeful at the thought of destroying Spira.

On another note, it's that Seymour actually did love Yuna in a very weird and twisted way. He loved her because she was a half-breed similar to himself and adored her because of the power she wielded. Much like the legacy of Lady Yunalesca and Lord Zaon, Seymour thought he could be Yuna's husband and become the Final Aeon to defeat Sin. Some would argue that Yuna was nothing other than a pawn in his schemes but deep down, he did love her. This explains why Seymour became so furious when Yuna openly defied him. He admires her strength but also hates it. Seymour took her betrayal as a personal insult and chased her half-way though Spira for the sake of claiming her as his bride.

Seymour has a strange sense of dissonance about him that comes across as oddly serene sometimes and utterly berserk the next. He's very much insane and in dire need of help but his insanity keeps others at bay. He's an unstable man with slithers of calm in between his antics. Sometimes on rare occasions, Seymour can be easily reasoned with and others he comes across as completely mad. It's difficult for others to read him but if they watch him well, they might catch a glimpse of the kindness that lurks within.

Despite all of his negative traits, Seymour is undeniably refined and elegant. He speaks quietly in a rather soothing fashion and as impeccable manners. While he sometimes can come across as crude, Seymour does his best to keep a level of refinement about him.


Despite his class definition as a Summoner, Seymour is known to be proficient within Black Magic above all things else. Seymour possesses full mastery of all elements and is capable of even wielding the all powerful non-elemental spell, Ultima. His magic strength is second to none and he's capable decimating his foes with just a single strike.

Even though he does wield a staff in combat, Seymour seems to be somewhat adept within regular combat as well. While he is no master with blades, Seymour does well enough to overwhelm his enemies with a fury of melee and magical attacks. However, Seymour's greatest strength comes in the form of Anima, his Aeon.

Like other characters from Final Fantasy X, Seymour does possess and Overdrive (Limit Break) by the name of Requiem. In a hail of crimson and black light, his enemies are engulfed by non-elemental magic powerful enough to death lethal damage to all. Only capable of casting such a spell once within a fight, Seymour’s limitations lies within his poor endurance.

Alignment: Daimonia seems to work best for Seymour considering the level of grief that overwhelms him. His lonesome childhood is the reason for the misery he feels along with the world itself that corrupts his sense of being. There's very little joy in Seymour's heart but sometimes there's times of elation but they come fleetingly.

Other: N/A


Sample: TDM Sample

Questions: In regards to Summons, would it be possible for Seymour to still be capable of summoning Aeons here? Namely Anima. He is a summoner by trade and his summoning ability is an essential part of his character. Therefore, I'm wondering if he could summon Anima even in this world or if not, would it be possible for him to summon other entities native to the game?

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